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Who Am I, Why Thaï Massage?

After a professional career of almost 15 years as a tax lawyer in an international consulting firm, I decided to distance myself from this practice.

Convinced for many many years of the energy benefits of massage, I found out the traditional Thai massage by receiving the so-called "Nuad Boran" massage which, when properly and regularly received, may allow to deeply connect you to your body, relieve your muscular tensions and chronic pains, maintain or enhance your body flexibility, rest your mind and promote a high quality sleep.

In my process of changing my professional life and my natural interest for manual therapy and personal care, I met in Paris two talented Thai massage therapists and teachers known for their outstanding practice of this massage, No Sourintha & Lyf Yong, co-founders and owners of the Jaidee Center in Paris. Designers of a unique training concept, these teachers stand out from the crowd by the quality and the precision of their work, their high degree of requirement, their empathy, patience and accuracy, and focus on delivering, besides massage techniques and precise anatomical knowledge, a true philosophy of work on oneself and a movement culture which are essential to the Thai massage therapist.

In addition to this learning with Jaidee, I go to Thailand to perform further training (in Koh Chang and in Chiang Mai mostly) and complete my practice with Thai teachers and practitionners and with other certified massage therapists coming from all over the world to enhance their own practice and deepen their knowledge and practice. Furthermore, I practice on "bodyteachers" who are osteopathic practitioners and physiotherapists in order to share our experiences. These journeys, in addition to my daily practice and training in Paris, allow me to build my experience and to benefit from a construtive critical outside look.

Nuad Boran Thai massage is, to me, the most comprehensive treatment: it is both a powerful and gentle treatment that, when properly given, stimulates our own self-healing abilities and contributes, in a longer term context, to maintain a positive mindset and a good body balance. Receiving the Nuad Boran massage on a regular basis allows me to feel myself more connected to my body and to refine my own practice. It is also a great treatment for muscular preparation and recovery since physical activities and sports are part of my daily routines; on the other hand, giving Thai traditional massage gives me a good energy, which certainly explains why I highlight this practice especially.

Also passionate about foot reflexology and manual treatments focusing on the upper body (head - neck - shoulders - upper back - upper limbs) where can be housed pains caused by chronic stress, postural habits, muscular tension generated by strong emotions for example, I expanded my practice to these complementary therapies, still in the Thai style.

Finally, because it is always nice to give and to receive a good oil massage, I reserve a special body oil treatment to women seeking draining, invigorating and at the same time relaxing effects.

Now I'm happy to offer my treatments, targetting to deliver a customized, reliable, humble and very nice work. 

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